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the test is in four part
part one
part two
three and
part four
now look at part one
part one you will hear a telephone
conversation between a customer
and an overseas shipping agent first you
have some time to look at questions one to date
you should answer the questions as you
listen because you will not hear the recording a second time listen carefully and answer
questions one to eight
good afternoon denim shipping how can I be of service
well I wish to inquire about sending a container of personal items from the UK to Ireland
no problem would you like me to give you
an estimate of the cost yes please well, first of all, may I take
your details, of course, my name’s Tim Lafferty
could you spell your surname for me please Tim
yes it’s Lafferty l a f f e r t y thank you Tim
now where would you like us to pick your
container up from
my university if possible okay
let me make a note of the address it’s
Abby field university is that
a b b e y
f i e l d
that’s right park street, Brighton
perfect and may I take down your
too it’s b r
8 9 p 3.
great thank you Tim have you the
containers measurements
i do it’s approximately 2.5 meters long
by 1.25 meters wide
i see quite a big one then
indeed and the height
i make it a meter and 20 centimeters
so that’s 2.5 by 1.25
by 1.2 right and
what will actually be in the box tim
oh mostly old unibooks okay
and some music albums anything else
yes a little bit of stationery
i see and could you put an estimate on
the value of the items the books are quite valuable they’re
worth around 1 800 pounds the music albums
maybe half that say 900 pounds
and you can put the stationery down as 300 pounds
before listening to the rest of the conversation you have some time to look at questions
nine and ten now listen and answer questions nine and
ten okay and will you be
purchasing contents cover from us also
uh I’m not sure what you mean
sorry let me explain because your items
are worth more than 2 000 pounds we
recommend that you purchase insurance to cover
yourself in the event of damage or loss
makes sense what are my options
well we offer three insurance deals
the premium rate standard rate
and economy rate ones premium
offers full cover in the event of loss
damage or theft which means you would be
provided with the full cost of replacing
your belongings what about standard and economy standard
will give you today’s value the second
hand value of your belongings
and economy provides you with a fixed
payment of a thousand pounds in the
event of loss damage or theft well i can afford to
live without those books to be honest
so just give me the cheapest option we
recommend standard cover for all our customers no
thank you that won’t be necessary the
cheapest option will be fine no problem and one last thing will you
be needing delivery at your office
at your house or do you intend to pick
up your container at the port
home delivery would suit me best i think
we’ll get that process for you
that is the end of part one
you now have half a minute to check your
answers now turns to part two part two
you will hear a discussion between three
people in a university tutorial
in the first part of the discussion
they’re talking about city traffic
and the motorcar first
look at questions 11 to 14.
listen carefully we’re very pleased to
welcome professor Isaac nebworth to our tutorial
group today and he’s come to share one of his pet
passions with us city traffic and our western dependence
on the motor car
i believe questions are quite welcome
throughout thank you well i know you’re all very
familiar with the super highway here in
Melbourne but do super highways automatically lead
to super wealth as our politicians would have us believe
i think not can you give us an example
of what you mean exactly
sure well by continuing to encourage
this dependence on the motor car
we simply create more congestion and
more urban sprawl and you can see that here in Melbourne
right under your nose
excuse me i would just like to say that
i feel the sprawl is part of the city the freeways mean
people can enjoy the benefits of living
away from the center on larger blocks
with gardens but still be able to drive back into the
city center for work or
entertainment well i’m not convinced
that people want to do that
and is our money being well spent it may
be okay for you now but
come back to me in five years time let’s
take city link for example
the new freeway here in melbourne well i
use the freeway all the time
i think it’s great ah yes but it cost
two billion dollars to build and you
could have gotten 10 times the value by
putting the money into public transport
if you give the automobile road space it
will fill that space and you’ll soon find you’ll be crawling
along your city link
but surely you cannot simply blame the car
some of the blame must rest with
governments and city planners
well there is an argument surely that
building good roads is actually
beneficial because most new cars these days
are highly efficient they use far less
petrol than in the past
and emissions of dangerous gases are low
old congested roads
on the other hand encourage traffic to
move slowly and it’s the stationary cars
that cause the pollution and smog
whereas good roads increase traffic
speeds and thus the amount of time
cars are actually on the roads well this
is the old argument put forward by the
road lobby but for me it’s clear-cut roads equal cars
which equal smog public transport is the
way to go in the second part of the discussion the
professor talks about public transport
in different cities before the broadcast continues look at
questions 15 to 20.
you will now listen to the second part
of the talk now on that topic of public transport
i read somewhere recently that australia
isn’t doing too badly in the challenge
to increase the use of public transport
better than america granted but by
comparison with canada
it’s not so good for instance if you
compare toronto with the u.s metropolis
of detroit only 160 kilometers away in detroit
only one percent of passenger travel is
by public transport
whereas in toronto it’s 24 percent
which is considerably better than sydney
which can only boast 16 percent
well i think it’s encouraging that our
least car dependent city is actually our
largest city 16 percent of trips being taken on
public transport in Sydney isn’t too bad
but it’s a long way behind Europe take
both London and Paris for instance
where thirty percent of all trips taken
are on public transport
well they do both have an excellent
underground system and Frankfurt comes
in higher still at 32 percent
i understand that they’ve been very
successful in Copenhagen at ridding the
city of the car can you tell us anything about that
experiment yes indeed
Copenhagen is a wonderful example of a
city that has learned to live without
the motor car back in the 1960s they adopted a number
of policies designed to draw people back
into the city for instance they paid musicians and
artists to perform in the streets
they also built cycle lanes and now
thirty percent of the inhabitants of
Copenhagen use a bicycle to go to work
Sydney by comparison can only boast one
percent of the population
cycling to work it could have something
to do with all the hills
then they banned cars from many parts of
the city and every year three percent of the city
parking is removed
and by constantly reducing parking
they’ve created public spaces and clean
air really there are also freely available
bicycles which you can hire for
practically nothing
and of course they have an excellent
public transport system
well that’s all very well for Copenhagen
but I’d just like to say that some
cities are just too large for a decent
public transport system to work well
particularly in areas with low
population because if there aren’t many
people using the service then they don’t
schedule enough buses
or trains for that route i accept that
there is a vicious circle here
but people do need to support the system
and secondly the whole process takes so long because
usually you have to change
you know from bus to train that sort of
thing and that can be quite difficult
ultimately it’s much easier to jump in
your car and often it turns out to be cheaper
sure but cheaper for whom you or society
we have to work towards the ideal and
not give in all the time because things
are too difficult anyway let’s move on to some of the
results of the survey
which i think you’ll agree
that is the end of part two
you now have half a minute to check your
answers now turns to part three part three you
will hear two students
ramil and Kirsten discussing presenting
a paper at an architecture conference
you now have 30 seconds to read
questions 21 to 28.
hi Kirsten have you heard about that
architecture conference in oxford at the
end of the year yeah i saw the leaflet on the notice
board as it’s my final year i ought to try
giving a paper but I’ve got no idea how to go about it
i think you should go for it i did one
last year it’s quite straightforward first of all
you need to see what the conference
themes are you know what topics they are covering you can do
that by looking it up on the website you need
to submit a paper
that falls into one of the categories
they give you oh
that may give me some ideas then while
you’re doing that
you should also have a look at the
information on how to submit your paper
the rules if you like such as the length
it’s important to follow those i see
and then i suppose the next stage is to
start writing it up i’d like to use it as an opportunity to
propose some future work
but i understand it must be based on
current work still there’s plenty to choose from
it makes sense to do something that i’m more familiar with
yes and the other thing is when you’ve
written it up then go back and look at your data
carefully and make certain that you’ve presented
it in a format that is standard for your
subject remember people have to absorb
information very quickly
while they’re listening don’t make it
too complicated okay well i reckon that’ll take me about
a month to get that sorted
then the next thing i have to do i guess
before i send it off to the conference
organizer is give the whole thing to the
events officer so that he can look through it
and see if it all makes sense
and is okay yeah remember to warn him
that it’s on route so he can fit it into his schedule oh
then you’re done really all you have to do after that is to go
through it and sort out any changes you need to
make then finally you can submit it you can
do that online phew good then i just wait to hear i
suppose how long does that take it depends
but usually about six weeks
when you hear if your paper has been
accepted then at that stage it’s worth giving
them a list of any technical things you need when you
actually give the talk a screen or video players or that sort of thing okay but that’s a long way off
and i know that if my paper is accepted
then at that stage i have to give them a short text about
myself and my academic background
so they can put it in the brochure famous at last you now have 15 seconds to read
questions 29 to 30.
right well i’ve got to get a couple of things sorted if i’m going to get this
paper completed have you got enough data possibly i’d like to reinforce some of
it though so i thought i’d send out some more questionnaires
i was looking at that thesis that Angela wrote last year
and she said you need a sample of over a hundred to be sure of your results
i think some of this year’s postgraduates are doing some of the same
stuff as you want buildings why don’t you talk to them no i’ll end
up getting confused it would be more useful for me to
actually go out to that site by the rail bridge
to see how they’re building the new factory i managed to get hold of
professor barnett at london university
and he said i should go out and take pictures
i’m pretty busy but i’ll have to make time
anyway what about you what are your plans
that is the end of part three you now
have half a minute to check your answers
now turns to part four part four
a second session on interview skills
first you have some time to look at questions 31 to 40.
now listen carefully and answer
questions 31 to 40.
hello there everyone and welcome to our
second session on
interview skills now we have already
looked at what to say in the interview
and what to wear so let’s consider
non-verbal behavior or as it is more often called body language
believe it or not research has shown that this is what makes the strongest
impression on people we meet
frequent eye contact is one aspect of
body language which goes down very well with interviewers
and creates a good impression looking at
people means that you’re sure of
yourself and confident in fact one famous car
company even makes a note of the level of eye
contact candidates make during their
recruitment process for this very reason so it is very
important to maintain
eye contact but be careful how you do it
avoid staring as this is a sign of hostility
but avoiding eye contact altogether and
looking away or down
is even worse but the general message
is maintain that eye contact believe me
the eyes have it now along with eye contact
smiling is one of the other important non-verbal actions
which say more to the interviewer than
any answers you give
a good way to create a good impression
during the first few minutes of your interview
is to smile warmly when you meet the person or people
who will be interviewing you it shows
them that you are relaxed
facial scanning takes a triangular route
from the eyes down to the mouth
and back to the eyes even when you aren’t speaking
an interviewer will be noticing your
mouth so give a relaxed smile whenever you feel it is appropriate
now not surprisingly interviewers pay
most attention to a person’s face or head
during an interview and they certainly
pick up a lot on what they see
researchers have identified nodding as
going down very well with interviewers
this simple gesture shows that you’re
listening and paying attention
another useful head gesture is to tilt
your head slightly to one side
now this reinforces that you are
listening well to what the interviewer is saying to you
however tilting your head back isn’t
such a good idea
as this signals arrogance and drooping
your head forward
indicates that you are lacking in
confidence and as we all know
that is exactly the opposite of what an
interviewer wants to see
so the message is mind your head
now posture or the way that you carry yourself
is an important area of body language to be aware of
and it is one of the first body language
signals that interviewers read as you enter a room
posture also matters when you’re sitting down
a well-supported position with your
shoulder square and sitting full back on the chair
will give the impression that you are
confident which is just what the
interviewer wants to see
i once interviewed a candidate who
perched right on the edge of her chair throughout
i kept feeling that she was about to run
out of the room in terror
however occasionally leaning forward
slightly when the interviewer is speaking
reinforces the message that you are keen and interested
as well as showing the interviewer that
you’re actually listening to what they are saying
but don’t overdo it by leaning too far
forward that can be a bit distracting
for the interviewer
now we all tend to use our hands to
gesture especially when we are
explaining something or as we become
involved in what we are saying
this is fine it shows that we are keen
and perhaps even excited about something
however what can work against someone at an interview
is when they fidget this kind of moving about is of course
what we do when we are nervous and
fidgeting can be very distracting to watch
so if this is a problem for you when you
get nervous it is a good idea to
practice sitting with your hands
gently resting in your lap or on the
arms of the chair
try not to fold your arms though as this
tends to look uncomfortable or hostile
but whatever movements you make be
careful with your hands
they need to be kept well away from your
mouth head or face
in fact experts say that when a hand flies up to or
over a person’s mouth it implies that
the person is worried or wound up about something
for most of us staying calm in an interview situation
is a challenge so putting in a bit of
practice in advance will help
so to end with here are a couple of
suggestions on how to improve our body language
a good idea is to choose a role model
such as an actor
or fictional character or a public
figure or someone you know
then sit calmly and imagine that you are this person
now other countries have different body language signals
so remember that if you are being
interviewed abroad you may want to check
if there are any special gestures to avoid
it’s also a good idea to get used to
reading body language signals
you can do this by simply watching how
people interact in public places
such as on the streets or in restaurants and
finally when people have struck up a rapport
it is reflected through the natural
mirroring of each other’s body language movements
so you can use this to your advantage by occasionally
mirroring the interviewer’s own
movements for example
if they lean over to one side you can do
the same a few seconds later
it helps to create a special effect
known as similar to me
but don’t do it too often or the
interviewer will notice
now any questions before we move on to
interview listening skills
that is the end of part four
you now have half a minute to check your
i’m super excited to announce that on
your demand we have started
writing a series of writing task one
so if you are looking for a video which
can help you to score seven
or more than seven watch my full video
this video
would be very very helpful for you
and you will get to know how to write
simple and effective
writing task one especially now in this
video you will see how you can write effective pie chart so
let’s get started here we go
the pie graph graphs below show the
result of a survey of children activities
the first class shows the cultural and
laser activities that boys participate in
where the second graph shows the
activity in which the girls
participate here you can see voice
control and laser activities and in this
image you can see
girls cultural and research activities so i
always advise my students to understand your
graph before you start writing never
start writing abruptly or immediately
if you uh don’t make a plan if you
don’t try to understand your image it
would be very difficult to write
an effective writing task one already trusted
so make a plan and understand your graph
then it would be quite easy for you to write about it
so here you can see voice concern laser
activities and girls culture and other activities
so i spent some time to understand the graph both the graphs
and then i wrote about it so first of
all here you can see i mean
i have paraphrased this statement
see over here the rendered file chart
provide information about a survey in which
boys and girls participated in cultural
and free time activities
so i have changed a bit using different
words theories show the result of a
survey of children
activities then so culture and leisure
activities the boys participate in and then
in girl’s first picture so i have written it
uh the render points are providing
freeze water sorry English boys and girls participated in
cultural and free time activities laser
type activities being free time activities
so it’s very nice way to start then i
have written overview
or if you mean two most significant changes
i’m going to talk about in meanwhile
paragraph one and the main modification
so the most significant proportion of
boys enjoying playing crypto games
followed by basketball you can see about boys
you can see over here so
you know 34 percent crypto games and
followed by
uh basketball here you can see the
basketball 26 percent
I’ve written over here the most
significant purpose of boys enjoyed
collective two games followed by
however reading on the list profit
activity for them here you can see
really just two percent so our reading
was the least preferred activities for them
dancing was the most popular leather
activity for guard if you can see what girls did
dancing 27 percent and then reading 21
c understandably so dancing was the most
popular laser activity vocal followed by
reading in the second image
this is uh talking about telling about
explaining about voice culture and
directory this is second image
so i think you got to know now how you
can write very simple and
very effective uh you know uh
this is overview so now
it would be very easy to understand how
what i’m going to write in mean body
diagram one and mean body weight number
and in this one I’ll write significant changes and
comparison where uh wherever it is important
i would come here as well so compared to
the most most important part
of your writing task one so you can see
in the case of girls so yes
the first choice for boys easy to understand and
effortless to read so the first choice
for boys was playing capital games with
34 percent as compared to other
activities here you can see over here
so for boys 34 as compared to other
activities this is my first seven times very nice
surprisingly just two percent boys were
interested in reading here you can see just two percent
so i can use the word surprisingly it’s
very nicely to start surprisingly
just two percent of boys were interested
in reading blank basketball draws the
tension of almost a fourth of main
children almost a form between maybe 25 86
you can see 26 percent yes so very nice when
flying basketball draws the tension off
almost a fourth of male
1 male children yes or boys are written male children
almost a 4 between 25 20 maybe 23 percent maybe 24
maybe 26 27 you can write almost a fourth
and ends up with the second most popular
interactivities because this is
second most important laser shift is 26
percent with 26 percent right
and soccer and skateboarding assume
third and fourth position which were
actually exercised by
17 percent and 11 respectively here you can see
sucker and basketball somewhere 17 and then
basketball this is basketball so here you can see
uh sorry skateboarding yes this is
skateboarding the soccer and skateboarding
so software and skateboarding achieved
third game for this you can see
it’s 17 11 so it means first position
second position third position
and then therefore position so achieved
third and fourth position which were
exercised by 17 percent and 11 percent
respectively that’s how you can use respectively
equal quantity of bond sex is released
or listening to the picture you can see
listening to music 10 percent
for girls uh and 10 percent
for boys in boys activity laser
activities it was cultural
activity like listening to music ten
percent and listening to music for girls
also this is ten percent
so i read you know equal quantity of
both sexes released mean enjoyed
listening to music very nice way to
start to to to write equal quantity of both six is five ten
percent ten percent
and now in the case of girl the most
favorite activity for them is dancing
followed by reading which accounted for
27 percent that’s how you can use
account it for it’s very nice for it
a verbal praise i would say and more
than a fourth of the total so more than
a fourth of the total would be 27 percent
total fine roughly twice less than that of boys
roughly twice less than that of poise means 16
roughly roughly twice less so this is 7
27 and this is 16 for 16 percent i have written
roughly twice less than the voice just
16 percent in breakthrough region
but if you are playing computer games
here you can see your games
here you can see 16 percent
right and doing gymnastics is as popular
among girls as skateboarding among boys
so here you can see gymnastics and skateboarding
so gymnastics is 11 and skateboarding is 11 percent
it’s a very nice place to write over here i mean
doing gymnastics is as popular among
girls as skateboarding among boys
and that one was played by 15 girls
showing a slight difference as compared to
computer games because 16 boys played crypto games
so this is how i read them that one was
played by 15 percent girl
so showing as a light difference as
compared to typical games
so you can see them that was 15
and this is computer game 16 percent so
showing a slight difference as compared to crypto games
wow so I hope this video will be quite
helpful for you beneficial for you and
you got to know how to write simple and effective
well organized and 7 plus writing task 1.
so this is the end of my video but don’t
forget to subscribe our channel
share like and press the bell icon so that get
all notifications of every new video bye
bye for now see you in my next video
and good luck with your as person bye

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